Nail Cosmetics

High quality plastics for extremely strong and durable nails in perfection

Our products meet the highest standards. The acrylics are carefully manufactured in Germany and are of the same excellent quality as our medical products. Acrylic is harder and stronger than other nail modelling materials, yet flexible enough to absorb shock. This makes it especially durable.

This is what makes our plastics for nail cosmetics so special:

  • easy application
  • fast curing
  • extremely adhesive and fracture resistant
  • highest flexibility
  • UV-resistant
  • absolute colour stability, no yellowing
  • high customer satisfaction due to low temperature development during curing

Easy to use:

The material consists of a powder component and liquid acrylic. To model the artificial nail, the powder is mixed with the liquid and applied with a brush. The brush can be used to model each nail to the desired length and shape. Hardening takes place at room temperature. Our range includes an acrylic with a normal cure time (approx. 70 seconds) and an acrylic with an accelerated cure time (< 50 seconds), ideal for acrylic professionals and at low room temperatures.


Pastel colours, vibrant shades or sophisticated metallic colours - our high-quality acrylic powders are available in all imaginable colours and allow you to implement the latest trends and techniques in nail art. There are no limits to your imagination when choosing colours. We look forward to turning your colour wishes into reality and offering your customers a unique nail design.

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